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NEW Post-China 16: Emerging Economies
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How do businesses & organizations use Stratfor?

University libraries provide Stratfor access as a resource for students studying everything from economics to politics to human rights, and for professors doing research. Some businesses encourage their teams to monitor world events in key areas of operation. All of these clients enjoy access to our daily flow of analysis and our database of 16+ years of archives.

When a client needs information that exceeds the scope of our regularly published analysis, we produce custom reports and deliver executive briefings, digging into the specific topic of interest for our the client. These reports are backed by in-depth research and analysis, as well as intelligence from our global network of human sources. Some organizations also depend on our monitoring services to stay aware of events that may affect their investments, people or assets around the world. These services include our Mexico Security Monitor, which provides a focused awareness of drug cartel events in Mexico.

Many organizations request our executives and analysts for keynote speeches or panel discussions. Our analysts engage with audiences, teams or conference attendees with a fresh view on world events.

Finally, some clients require a strategic consulting relationship and use Stratfor to directly identify and act on business opportunities.

What our clients & subscribers are saying:

Whenever I want to understand the details behind world events, I turn to Stratfor. They have the most detailed and insightful analysis of world affairs and are miles ahead of mainstream media.
Muneer A. Satter
Satter Investment Management, LLC

I find the information that Stratfor provides to be non-political and informative of the facts, which is rare these days.
John Paul DeJoria
Founder and Owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits Company

Stratfor unravels world events for the interested reader and provides real-time intelligence to decision makers in a way no one else can.
Red McCombs

I find the insights provided by Stratfor to be very valuable. Stratfor does not offer conventional thinking, but rather detailed, well-supported analysis on a host of issues important to leaders of major enterprises and institutions.
James T. Hackett
Former Executive Chairman of the Board of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Increasingly traditional financial data is insufficient for understanding a world that is often in conflict and chaos. Financial models now require the additional insights of political history and the emergence of factions and agendas from around the world. Stratfor provides exactly that kind of information. No investor today should be without it.
Britt Harris
Chief Investment Officer of Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Stratfor's immediately accessible, decision-quality, historical and unemotional analysis is key to fully understanding major global issues. I encourage all service members under my command and those I mentor to use Stratfor to build global situational awareness.
Greg A. Kent
Lt. Col., USAF, 552d Air Control Wing,
Tinker AFB OK

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