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Get the intelligence you need to meet your global objectives.

Task our team of experts with your specific intelligence concerns. We use a combination of geopolitical insight, source-driven intelligence and objective analysis to produce reliable information and forecasting for our clients.

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Strategic Monitoring

In-depth daily feed that aligns with your countries of operation and investment initiatives. Monitoring can be established for a single location or for any group of countries specific to your interests.

In-depth consultation

Daily intelligence alerts

Dedicated access to an intelligence briefer

Custom Reports

Custom intelligence to support your global missions and priorities. Each project is backed by in-depth research, intelligence and analysis.

Risk assessments


In-depth profiles

Executive Briefings

Comprehensive analysis based on unique client concerns that is delivered directly to you by Stratfor experts. Unlike speaking engagements, these briefings require custom research so that we can address your specific intelligence needs.

Direct interaction with our experts

Security and intelligence training

Targeted intelligence briefings

Global Advisory Services

This is the highest level of access to Stratfor. We leverage our global infrastructure of assets and relationships to help our Strategic Partners identify and act on opportunities - including risk mitigation for those operating in challenging environments. We provide ongoing deal sourcing, connection and oversight for decision-makers in the natural resources, security and financial service sectors.

Fully customized consulting

Navigation of challenging, non-traditional markets

Direct access to senior analysts

Ongoing risk assessment

Global Advisory clients are carefully selected with the goal of building lasting partnerships with Stratfor.

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"While we enjoyed reading your website in the past, the ability to discuss our geopolitical questions in real time is a meaningful advantage for us. Your unique analysis has given us more confidence in our trading strategies."

Beau Taylor
Chief Investment Officer,
Taylor Woods Capital